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The Hope Project 2018


Each year, many people who are a part of the Grace Church community go above and beyond their regular giving, to contribute to the Hope Project. The Hope Project is a set of different faith-based initiatives in our community and around the world Grace Church supports. We are excited to see how the projects below will change the hearts and lives of people around the world, as a result. If you are interested in contributing to the Hope Project, you can donate here.




Learn Your Options

Learn Your Options is one of the only Jesus-Centered Non-Profit organizations in Boston, and now in Stoughton. They help women make informed decisions about unplanned pregnancies and provide support for those who choose to believe that every life, planned or not, is valuable and precious to God.


Ollie’s House

Ollie’s House is a faith-based home that will provide housing for families with children up to age 5, who are struggling with poverty and homelessness. Their hope is to offer stability and training in skills needed to sustain a safe, happy and abundant life.


Teen Challenge Brockton

Teen Challenge Brockton provides adults, teens and families with an effective and comprehensive Christian faith-based solution, clinical counseling, and life-coaching for drugs, alcohol, and other life-controlling problems in order to become productive members of society.


Bridgewater State Campus Ministry

Bridgewater State is a growing school of over 11,000 students right in the middle of Bridgewater. We have partnered with a few intentional ministry opportunities on the campus of BSU to help meet the needs of the students on campus.




Haiti – Church Planting, Feeding Center, School

Pastor Leny is helping bring hope to children and families in and around the capital Port au Prince, through church planting, schools, and feeding programs.


New Zealand – Church Planting – Ben and Raelene Walker

Ben and Realene are starting Rez Church in 2018 in Christchurch, New Zealand where less than 2% of the population attends church. Their passion is to start a church in the heart of their city that creates a life giving atmosphere where people can find life to the fullest in Jesus.


Uruguay – Church Planting – Esteban and Emily Alvarez

Emily and Esteban started Vertical Access Church in Motevideo, Uruguay, serving with a group of people who are committed to reflecting the teachings of Jesus. Their hope, is to reach the country of Uruguay with the Gospel and the world through a dynamic, loving and generous ministry. They’re looking to start their second church in the coming year!


Sierra Leone – Church Planting, School

Pastor Francis Rodgers is helping bring hope to children and families through church planting, education and feeding programs in the rural Sierra Leone like Moribatown and other surrounding villages. Grace Church will be helping two more church planters, Anthony and Joel Jobati.


Mongolia – Church Planting, Feeding Center

Chris and Stephanie Ballinger have been helping bring life to dying churches in Mongolia since 2007. They also oversee a feeding center in the capital city, and run a coffee shop that employs young adults from the community.



— Church planting has always been at the heartbeat of Grace Church. It’s this passion within Grace Church that drives us to support church plants all over New England. —


Hyannis – Church Plant

Harbor Church is Grace’s fourth church plant, started in September of 2016. Josh and Kaleigh have a passion for seeing the people of Hyannis know and follow Jesus. They are already making a huge difference!


The Refuge Church – Adam & Tanya Herald

Adam and Tanya Herald started Refuge Church in Windham, ME in March of 2017. Their passion is to show people that when they make Jesus their refuge, they never have to be overtaken by the storms of life.


Grace Church Bridgewater – Stephen Sargent

Stephen and Katy are our first church planting residents. They have already moved into Bridgewater and have begun meeting with people who may become a part of our their launch team. We are pumped to plant this new church in a town where two other churches recently have recently closed.


Grace Church Braintree – Taylor & Nicole Knopp

Taylor and Nicole are starting the second location of Grace Church in the spring of 2018 in Braintree where less than 1% of the people attend a life giving, Jesus focused church. They are excited to give more people in Braintree an opportunity to know and follow Jesus.